Parents Talking with Their Kids About Gun Safety – NSSF & Project ChildSafe

“Can I touch the gun?”

“Can I play with a gun if it looks like a toy?”

“What do I do if I see a gun at my friend’s house?”

Even if kids aren’t asking about gun safety, that doesn’t mean they don’t have questions. Project ChildSafe has teamed up with Julie Golob, a veteran, competitive shooting sports champion, hunter and mom, to discuss the importance of gun safety education. She’s joined by a group of kids whose thoughts about firearms will help inform parents about the best way to start a conversation.

The result is an exclusive video — the first of its kind — to remind gun owners about the importance of having this conversation with their families. Join us in a discussion about what to say, how to say it and the key elements to think about when speaking to your family about firearm safety. Visit Project ChildSafe:

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